We are getting closer to the opening days of our markets which means that farms are starting to ramp up.  On produce farms, this means that everything has been planted and they are taking care of the budding fruits and veggies and on farms that deal with livestock, it means that all of the baby animals have been born and are being cared for.  Last Fall, I wrote about one farmer that holds a really fun festival on their land.  Well, the same family invites the public to the farm two weekend in April to come and see all of the baby animals that they raise.  I went with some family, including my cousin’s two daughters aged 10 and 14.  Of course, the 14 year old wasn’t as into it as her little sister but it was a lot of fun to see the younger of the two play with the baby goats, be in awe of the calves, go on the hay ride, and just have a great time running around the farm.


Silly me, I forgot to get some allergy meds before heading out there so between the breeze, the hay, and the animals, I got a little stuffy but it wasn’t too bad.  I have to admit that watching all of the little animals playing was very cute.  I was even able to visit with three plucky little goats that were separated from the farm because they had been out with the public for some time and they needed a little time away to relax.


I was really fortunate because I ran into Natalie, one of the owners of the farm, and as we were talking it came up that she had some bacon in the freezer.  The Andelin’s have absolutely the best bacon that I have ever tasted and I happily paid for three pounds of it.  So when we went into the garage where the freezer is, there was a small pen where the resting goats were.  Allergies be damned, I just had to reach in and pet the little guys.  They were hungry and immediately latched onto my fingers thinking that someone was coming to feed them.


Wherever you live, I would say that it is a great idea to do a little research and see if there is a local farm you can visit to see how it works.  It’s not only fun but very educational.  And if you are in the Reno area, I would highly recommend that you go out to the Andelin Family Farm during their Fall Harvest and the Spring Baby Animal Days.  As you can see from the pictures, it’s a lot of fun that you and your kids will really enjoy.  Here is their website where they post all of their upcoming events.