Hello Spring Part II

Yesterday I posted about how nice Spring has been and I included some pictures from the bike ride I was on.  I do believe that I mentioned how Mother Nature likes to mess with us up here in the mountains.  Little did I know that she would prove me right the very next day.  Less than 24 hours later, this is what it looks like here in Northern Nevada.  If you’re in a warmer climate, feel free to laugh at us.

Hello Spring

Spring BlossomsSpring Flowers

Hey there readers.  As you know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  You may be thinking that I’m just a lazy bum who slept through the winter but I can assure you that is not the case.  Well, I didn’t sleep all winter. I may have slept in a bit more than I do in the summer when I have to be at the markets early in the morning though.

As I have mentioned in past posts, the last few seasons have been tough for our farmers due to drought.  This winter has been very good for us with a large snow pack that is going to help with the water issue.  We’re not totally out of the woods yet but, hopefully, this is the start of better times.

Spring Ride

Last week was the beginning of spring and the start of our busy season.  Over the winter I have been in contact with the vendors who have been with us in the past to see if they are going to participate in the markets this year.  Fortunately, it looks like most of them will be coming back but there are a few who are not going to make it this year so it now falls on us to replace them.  Every winter we lose a few vendors due to some of them retiring, or moving, or just closing their businesses.  Unfortunately, sometimes we also lose some because they have passed away.  Those hurt the most.  But, business must continue and so we start to look for new vendors to fill in the holes we now have.

This is always a challenge for us as market organizers.  You want to have a good number of vendors but you also want to make certain that your vendors are bringing quality products.  We strive to find not only new farmers but folks who make amazing crafts and packaged foods that round out a great market.  The last thing we want at our markets are products that were made in some factory in a far off land.  Not that there is anything wrong with those products but we leave those for retail outlets, flea markets, and carnivals.  For us, it is definitely a quality over quantity issue but we also have to fill the market with vendors so that you, the customer, will enjoy the shopping experience.   I could literally fill a market to overflowing with cheap jewelry, sunglasses, foot pads, diet fads, plastic toys, “as seen on TV” products, and light up thingamabobs but that would not create the atmosphere and shopping experience that we strive to provide to you.  And so, the search for those quality vendors begins.

Spring Day

In the meantime, the sun is out, the ground is thawing, the birds are singing, and the earth is letting us know that another planting season is upon us.  Well, it’s almost upon us.  Here in Northern Nevada, those of us who have been here for a while know that Mother Nature isn’t quite done with winter just yet.  She likes to tease us up here in the mountains by giving us some really nice sunny and warm days and then, just when you think it’s safe to start planting, she hits us with another snow storm or two.  So we just have to be patient for a little while longer and enjoy the warm weather while it’s here knowing that the next freeze is just around the corner.  For me, that means I will be able to get in some good bicycle riding for the next few days and then put it away in the garage again until the storms are finally over.

Spring River

And with that, I will say Happy Easter everyone and enjoy the spring weather while it’s here.  I promise that you will be hearing from me more often now that the work on the 2016 market season is ramping up.