Hello readers. As you know, it’s been a couple of weeks since I have written anything here. I took a much needed vacation and did a little traveling. I am fortunate enough to have family that live on the northern California coastline so I was able to visit them and hang out by the ocean for a little while. After getting back home and fighting off a cold, it was time for Halloween.
Yesterday, some of my friends joined me at the Andelin Family Farms for some Halloween fun. The Andelin family are incredibly nice people and were able to participate in a few of our markets this season. They have a very nice 100 acre farm to the north of Reno where they grow produce crops and also raise animals. During the month of October, they open their farm up to the public. They have a big corn maze which took us quite a while to get through, a smaller one for the kids, pony rides, corn cob guns, a roping area, and more. They also have a huge pumpkin patch with a whole lot of different kinds of pumpkins. I only wish we had gone a couple of weeks ago before the patch got picked over. When we got there, it was Halloween so everyone had picked out their pumpkins. I did manage to get one though that Natalie Andelin said makes great pumpkin soup so I am looking forward to that. I was hoping to get some of their bacon, unfortunately, they were all out. I did manage to get a couple of really nice pork roasts though. I’m planning on making carnitas next weekend.
So, we had a great start to our Halloween fun. If you get a chance next year and you are in the Reno area, I would highly recommend going out to the Andelin Family Farm in Spanish Springs but make sure to get out there at least a week before Halloween so that you can your pick of the pumpkins. I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween full of tricks and treats. Soon it will be Thanksgiving. Are you ready?

Alpaca Cannon Corn Maze Dave Horse Donkeys Emu Goat Goats Pony Roping Tracter


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