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So in my last post, I mentioned that I was going to attend a Farm To Fork Festival in Sacramento. Well, I went, and I have to say that I was pretty disappointed. I think I was expecting more farms and farmers to be at the festival but it was mostly just big grocery store sponsors. Whole Foods, Raleys/Bel Air, Save-Mart, and more all had huge displays and, to be fair, hosted some lectures on organics and cooking but that wasn’t what I had hoped to see. There were also large stages set up throughout the event that had chef demonstrations, live music, and there were big farming equipment displays which were all very cool. But again, my group and I were all wondering where the farmers were.

Sac TrailerSac Stage
There were government agencies with booths set up discussing farming, water conservation, and other important topics. There was even a “farmers’ market” but I was very disappointed in that as there were only six booths set up. I went with my brother and his family and we all came with appetites. And, of course, since there was a large group of us, we got there a little later than I was hoping for. But even though we were a little late, there was supposed to be two more hours of the event when we got there so we were all more than a little upset when every “food” booth we walked passed was either already torn down or in the process of tearing down. Looking around, there seemed to be multiple Kambucha Tea booths so when we got to the first one and it had a huge line, we decided to try one of the others. Well, we found out why the first booth had such a long line. It’s because it was the only one that was still operating.

Sac Music StageSac Crowd
Now I may not know everything about running a special event but I do know this. When we run a market, the vendors do not tear down and leave two hours early. So, basically, I was not impressed with the big Farm To Fork festival. However, I was able to go to a very nice market in Auburn, CA in the morning with my sister and my dad.

Auburn PeppersAuburn PumpkinsAuburn Gourds
There is a nice little year round market near the old courthouse in Auburn with some really nice farmers and vendors. As you can see from the pictures, there was a really nice selection of produce and we ended up talking to a local honey farmer for quite a while. They gave us samples of their wares and explained what makes each flavor different. My dad ended up buying some honey that was incredibly rich with flavor and he used it in a glaze on some BBQ ribs which turned out amazing.
So even though the HUGE event turned out to be kind of a bust, the small market was great and made the trip worth it. Well that and the time I was able to spend with my family and the great food that I was able to enjoy courtesy of my dad and his BBQ.

Auburn MarketAuburn ApplesAuburn EggplantRibs


  1. Yes Chris, sometimes we go to those events and markets and are disappointed and sometimes find a gem. Sounds like you found both. You did a great job with some of your photos which always give us visuals to go with the written description. The fall produce colors are pretty amazing and rich, and it almost looks like you can taste the produce through the your eyes. I go to so many markets and conferences and have always found that one idea, one visual improvement you can share or one contact you gain can make the entire trip worth it. Thanks for going to experience it for us. Well spoken.


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