This Is My Office

My Office

This is my office. Like yours, I have co-workers, a supervisor, subordinates, and customers. We also have a snack bar that is better than any other I have ever seen. Unlike most offices though, mine gets set up at the beginning of the day and then gets folded up and put away into my car at the end of my shift. I am an event organizer. Specifically, I put together farmers’ markets. For those of you who haven’t been to one, a farmers’ market is an event that has been around for as long as there has been civilization. They have been called bazaars, marketplaces, expos, festivals, fairs, and more in the past, and they have always been there for you to come to shop, gather with neighbors, listen to music, and meet the people that grow your food. It is also a great place to meet those crafty types who make things like jewelry, art, and pottery. You can also find folks that work with wood, stone, and metal at most markets.
Markets have personalities, accents, and attitudes. A lot of it depends on where you are when you go to a market. Markets in Arab countries are vastly different than markets in Europe which are different than those here in the U.S. Of course, since we have such a large country, markets in the U.S. have different flavors depending on which region you’re in. Since our country is made up of such differing landscapes, the crops and products you find on the West Coast are going to be very different than those in the South, Midwest, or the East and the times you can find markets vary by where you are as well. There are some areas such as Southern California where you can find markets all year round. Those of us who are more northward, have seasons. Our season here in Reno generally runs from late May to early October.
A lot of us have been spoiled by the big grocery chains and modern shipping avenues that are available to us now. Even if you are in Montana, chances are that if you go to the store in December, you will find a banana or lettuce or an apple. It causes us to forget that, in your area, it’s a pretty safe guess that you will either not be able to get those items from a local farm but that, even if they grow that crop, they can only do it for a short time during the year. I cannot begin to tell you how many times that I have had to explain to someone that mangos do not grow in Nevada and that is why they cannot find them at the market. A farmers’ market is a place where you can find fruit, vegetables, nuts, and meats that are grown locally in your area.
I have only been in this business a short while as this is my fourth season running markets but I have learned from the best. I have to admit that when I first started doing this, I was one of those people who thought, “How hard can this be?” It’s just a farmers’ market after all. Well I can now tell you, from experience, that it not an easy thing at all. Think about the effort you put into planning a dinner for family and friends or a kids birthday party. All of the hours you spend making sure the food is right and that you make sure all of the guests’ dietary habits are covered. The invitations you sent out and how disappointed you are when someone doesn’t call you to tell you they won’t make it. Then the time you spent planning the entertainment, whether it was a clown, a princess, a bounce house, or a band. Now imagine doing that five times a week. It can be a lot of fun and I do get to meet a ton of very cool people. However, like every other job I’ve ever had, for all the great experiences I have and the awesome people I meet, there are times when things go totally sideways and nothing seems to go right or there is some asshat that just wants to yell at me because mangoes don’t grow in Nevada and that is somehow my fault.
I am new to blogging so you will have to forgive me any errors that I make but I hope that in reading what I’m putting out there, you will get to know more about this very cool way to bring locally produced food into your home and the trials and tribulations that go along with running this type of event.


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